Our Latest Online Marketing Tips

What’s so special about “Pro” cameras?

I recently wrote about why video production is so expensive, and in it, I consolidated video production equipment to about a paragraph. Now, I want to take it a step further and break down some of the gear, and why I would pay as much for a single lens as many people pay for their entire camera. To keep this as simple as possible, I’m going to use...Read more

Just What the Doctor Ordered—Trending Health with Truth

I'm a natural skeptic when it comes to health trends as I'm bombarded with the latest silver bullet or one ingredient that suddenly seems to pop up everywhere (i.e. kale). My innate curiosity pulls me away from the pretty packaging and bold promises, as I take a firm ‘prove it’ stance. It's not the berries or leaves I'm concerned with, but the...Read more

Are Fat Taxes the Key to Marketing Health?

Eat right. Get some exercise. Take care of yourself. These are common commands we hear to promote our personal health and wellness. But they don't quite seem to be cutting it, as more than one in three American adults are currently considered obese—an epidemic that has contributed to steadily increasing health care costs. The solution is...Read more

What's the Value in Viral Videos

"Charlie Bit Me," "Kony 2012," "Numa Numa," etc. Everyone wants their video to go viral, but many people don't understand what that even means, much less how to achieve it. So, let's begin with that. A viral video is a piece of audio-visual content online that becomes popular through the process of social sharing, typically through sites such as...Read more

Balance Your Online Marketing Mix for Increased ROI

What is an audience? No longer defined by or confined to a specific time or place, an audience is merely a group of individuals who share a common affinity or activity. To optimize your business' audience experience and thereby the potential for a return, you must understand the individuals who want or need the products or services you offer,...Read more

How To Make Your Email Designs Not Suck

Email Marketing isn't dead or outdated. We all check our emails almost religiously every minute. Smart phone technology has made it easier than ever to reach your target audience, even when they aren’t in the office. However, email marketing, if done incorrectly can be as ineffective as throwing small rocks at your customer’s window to serenade...Read more